Katharina Baier

💫 facilitator for connections & curiosity 💫

When nothing is sure, everything is possible.

– Margaret Drabble

Selected customers

We spent 4 days as a team with Katharina on the topic of leadership. Through her variety of methods and her inspiring manner, she understands how to bring each participant into learning and reflection in a fun way. With a mixture of inputs, differentiated perspectives and numerous practical exercises, we reflected on our individual way of leading and our very individual motivation and grew closer together as a team.

Katharina’s workshop was very well prepared through previous initial meetings. She perfectly addressed our needs as a small company and helped us to develop a basis for our internal communication guidelines. The interactive and informal workshop also made us grow even closer as a team. Katharina is very engaging and knows exactly how to create a balance of fun and professionalism in the workshop!

The two-day seminar on ‘Self-leadership with emotional intelligence’ at the FH Wiener Neustadt was facilitated by Katharina in a professional and structured manner with a very good mix of theoretical input and activating group work. The participants from science, research and university management were able to confidently contribute with their individual challenges from everyday work and Katharina reacted empathetically, shared her experiences and created a positive group dynamic.

In group coaching sessions, Katharina accompanies our team so that we can better master our often demanding everyday working life. She is always very well prepared and methodically varied and, with her refreshing manner that always pays attention to the “big picture”, professionally addresses both our needs as a team and our individual questions. With her help, we were able to recognize “operational blind spots”, reflect on them and thus make our teamwork more efficient. Practical relevance and a large portion of humor make working with her a pleasure!

There are many ways to react to uncertainty. One wants to control it, another can relax in it, yet another is worried by it. As an uncertainty enthusiast, I am excited about the possibilities that arise when you engage with the new and unknown.

I support groups and individuals as well as professionals and managers in trainings, coaching and bodywork to deal openly with mistakes, to deal with the challenges of an uncertain world and future and to create trusting spaces where the unknown and the new can emerge.